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Even with the best of intentions, it can be difficult to overcome substance abuse on your own. If you or someone you care about is struggling with an addiction, it’s important to make sure the person in need seeks help. Experienced drug rehab centers can provide that assistance you need. At our substance abuse treatment facility in Reno, Nevada, we can provide an array of services and resources to assist you on the path toward a bright future without substance abuse.

Education is one of the key foundations to overcoming addiction. At our drug rehab facility in Reno, we work with each client to help him or her understand the underlying root causes of their addiction. We feel this is vital to avoid relapse in the future. For many people, the root causes of addiction are often stress, negative emotions, and the compulsion to drown out pain. We work with you to understand how your addiction developed, identify possible triggers for substance abuse, and develop effective ways to avoid relapse.

Other services offered at our Reno addiction recovery facility include cognitive and behavioral counseling. We take a variety of approaches to addiction recovery treatment in recognition that every client is different and has different needs. We believe it is important to address those needs in the manner that is best for each individual client. One of the ways we do this at our addiction recovery facility is by conducting an initial intake assessment. This assessment helps us get to know each client and his or her needs.

During the initial clinical evaluation, we will assess the severity of your addiction and ask questions about how long you have struggled with addiction as well as whether you have a family history of addiction. Additionally, we will work toward developing a dual diagnosis to identify any other disorders or conditions that may be underlying and exacerbating the addiction. It is quite common for clients who are battling addiction to also have co-occurring conditions. If those conditions are left untreated, it can complicate the recovery process.

Also, at our addiction recovery center in Reno, we provide different types of therapy, including individual and group counseling. Additionally, we offer the opportunity for clients to attend family counseling. Addiction can have a powerful impact on families and relationships. Healing those rifts is critical to help many clients make progress toward addiction recovery.

We also provide a supervised detoxification process at our addiction treatment center in Reno. Detoxification is crucial to your overall success in recovery. At our drug detox clinic, you will have the benefit of a supervised environment to ensure your safety and comfort.

While some don’t enjoy discussing their feelings, at our Reno addiction treatment facility, you will have the chance to talk about your experiences, including what led to your addiction and the issues you struggle with the most while in a warm and supportive environment. The opportunity to share your experiences with other clients who have gone through the same struggles may help you to feel not as alone and isolated.

Once you are ready to leave our addiction recovery program in Reno, it’s important to understand that you do not have to continue to do it on your own. We will still be there to help you as you make the transition to sober living. Our facility provides a range of aftercare services to support you in your continued sobriety efforts. Such services include group support meetings and individual counseling. We also may able to assist you when moving to a sober living home. This may be a good choice if you feel you are not yet ready to live without the structure or do not a safe home environment to which you can return.

Remember, regardless of how long you have struggled with addiction and how many times you have tried to get sober, it’s never too late to get help. Call us today to get started.