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When you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, seeking help from a drug rehab facility can provide you with the tools necessary to take the first step toward a drug-free future. At Arbor Recovery, our experienced, caring substance abuse treatment facility in Reading, Pennsylvania, you or your loved one can benefit from a caring and supportive environment as well as a customized treatment program that caters to your specific needs. All clients are different and have different needs. An individualized treatment program can ensure you receive the treatment you need to achieve successful, long-term recovery.

When entering a drug rehab center, clients will typically begin the addiction recovery process with an intake or assessment. It’s critical that you answer all questions honestly, including questions regarding the severity of your addiction, your substance abuse history, and your family history. You may also be asked questions about your family’s substance history. In order for the staff to customize a treatment plan, you should be completely forthcoming and honest.

Once the assessment process is complete, the next step in an addiction recovery center is detoxification. Rehabilitation cannot successfully commence until you have eliminated all harmful substances from your body. The detox process is performed in a supervised environment at our drug detox clinic. You will benefit from professional monitoring in a caring environment.

The rehabilitation process in an addiction recovery facility may involve a multidisciplinary approach with a variety of different types of counseling and treatment. For example, in addition to individual counseling, clients often participate in group counseling. Many clients find that the support networks they form while in an addiction treatment center persist even after they have left the facility. Family counseling may also be offered while you are in treatment. Addiction affects not only the client but also his or her family, so it’s important for families to analyze any issues that may have directly or indirectly led to the client’s addiction as well as learn how to work together to provide the client with the support he or she needs to maintain sobriety after leaving treatment.

Group and individual counseling sessions will also give you the opportunity to identify and address any other issues that may have led to your addiction as well as learn coping skills that can help you to avoid possible relapse triggers once you are ready to leave the facility.

Since it’s not uncommon for many clients to also experience problems with depression or anxiety, dual diagnosis mental health treatment is also provided at our addiction treatment facility. This type of treatment will help to provide you with the best chances for continued recovery while ensuring that other conditions are not an impediment to your sobriety.

The work towards maintaining your sobriety does not end once you leave the addiction recovery facility. Recovery is an ongoing effort. For this reason, the addiction recovery program will provide you with a range of aftercare services that can be continued even after you return home. In some cases, clients are not ready to return to their home once completing addiction treatment. This could be due to a number of reasons, including the lack of a safe or supportive home environment. When that is the case, clients may benefit from first transitioning to a clean-living home or halfway house, where they can continue to live in a structured environment until such time as they are ready to return home. For clients who are ready to return home immediately after living a treatment program, other types of aftercare services are available, including weekly support group meetings and ongoing individual counseling.