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Regardless of how long you have tried to overcome an addiction, it’s important to know that help is always available and it’s never too late to start again. At our drug rehab center in Houston, Texas, our experienced and supportive staff can provide the help you need to make a fresh new start. Even if you or someone you care about has struggled with addiction for a long time, we can help you put an end to your addiction and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

The first step to addiction recovery is admitting the need for help, and you can receive that help at our substance abuse treatment facility in Houston. Our individualized treatment plans are designed to address your unique needs. We understand that no two clients are the same. Therefore, your needs are not the same as those of another client. When you enter our drug rehab facility, we take the time to conduct a comprehensive assessment which includes a thorough clinical evaluation. We will also get to know you and obtain information about your substance abuse usage history and family history of addiction.

During your evaluation, we will also conduct an assessment to determine whether you may have any co-occurring disorders which might complicate the recovery process. Often, clients also struggle with anxiety and depression issues.Addiction arises as a way of coping with those issues. In other cases, depression and anxiety follow right behind the addiction. In either instance, it is important to ensure that any concurrent issues are identified and treated along with your addiction. This type of dual diagnosis will provide you with the optimal opportunity for a full and lasting sobriety.

Following your clinical evaluation in our Houston addiction recovery center, the next step in the treatment process is detoxification. At our drug detox clinic, we provide around-the-clock supervision for your safety and comfort. Detoxification is typically a crucial aspect to the recovery process. Until all harmful toxins are eliminated from your body, it can be difficult to focus on mental health treatment.

Once you have completed detox, you can begin working with our staff on your treatment plan. At our addiction recovery facility in Houston, we provide each client with an individualized treatment plan that is updated on an as-needed basis, including how you respond to treatment.

During your time at our Houston addiction treatment center, you will be given the opportunity to learn more about addiction, how addictions form, and the best way to cope with triggers that could lead to relapse in the future. Our treatment services include both individual and group counseling. We also find that many clients are able to benefit from family counseling.

Part of your time at our addiction treatment facility in Houston, Texas will be spent exploring your addiction history background, including patterns of use and identifying reasons that may have led to your addiction. Everyone is different and experiences addiction in a different manner. In our warm and supportive environment, however, you will have the chance to discuss your experiences openly and honestly.

One of the most common questions we receive is how long it will be necessary for a client to stay in an addiction recovery program. This is difficult to answer, as every client is different. When you are ready to leave our program, however, you can always rely on our comprehensive array of aftercare services to support you in your ongoing sobriety efforts. We are always here to provide the support you need, including through group support meetings and individual counseling sessions. If you feel you are not able to return to a safe living environment, you may also have the option to move into a sober living home.

No matter how long you have tried to overcome an addiction, you can always reach out for the help you need. We are here to provide that help. Take the first step today toward a bright tomorrow.